Bakery Assortment Tins

Delicious bakery assortments in a commemorative tin, etched with a drawing of the monastery.

Choose from these delicious assortment tin configurations:

Retail Price: $36.00

Hildegard Assortment Tin (VAR-5011)
Includes 8-oz Hildegard Cookies and 8-oz St. Hildegard Crunch Mix

Cookie Assortment Tin (VAR-5012)
Includes Two 5-ct Hildegard Cookies, Two 5-ct Shortbread Cookies, and Two 5-count Gingersnaps

Almerle Assortment Tin (VAR-5013)
Includes Two 4-ct Almerle Cookies, an 8-oz St. Hildegard Crunch Mix, and 5-ct Hildegard Cookies

Snack Assortment Tin (VAR-5014)
Includes 8-oz St. Hildegard Crunch Mix and 8-oz Spicy Pretzel


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