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The Springerle cookies are wonderful! The flavor takes me back to my teenage years, when my Mother and I would bake these for Christmas.

—Diane Boyd

LOVE this bakery. The Angel Cookies are, well, divine! Pleasant to work with and I recommend them to any business looking to add unique products to their store.

—Tiffany Tompkins

I love the sister's Hildegard cookies and Ginger Snaps, but Springerles hold a special place for me, since I grew up with anise sugar cookies as a tradition baked by my grandmother every year. (The grandkids helped decorate and generously "sample" cookie dough and fresh baked cookies.) I'd love eating Springerles (anise-flavored shortbreads) any time of year, though I find them slightly addictive, but I try to make sure I get some for Christmas!

— Dayna Barlow

The Hildegard cookies are delicious! Perfect with a cup of tea on a cold afternoon.

— Cathy Fraley

We ordered for the first time this Christmas, and now will do so every year. The mint and Springerle cookies, in particular, were huge favorites, but all of the varieties were super-fresh tasting, extremely delicate in flavor and texture, and delicious. As a bonus, they're also absolutely beautiful and looked gorgeous on our holiday table. We have a new Christmas tradition - thank you, Sisters!

— Jeanne Bousineau and William Young